A Past Life Journey – and how to start it

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Fellow Past Life Practitioner,

I know that a story of a past life journey will always be a indulgence for you. You can also use this simple but effective technique to start your own journey. Have a wonderful one…

I have a special intention for my past life journey that is “what I most need to see”. First thing I did was I lied down on my bed and made my self as comfort as possible. Then I closed my eyes and made my self ready to enter a deeper and deeper relaxation by imagining a golden white ball of healing light and mentally sent the ball of healing light to each part of my body in turn.

I mentally went inside my side and connect with my inner vision. I imagined that I stood at the top of a stairs. Slowly, I walked down the stairs, and at the bottom of these stairs I saw two things: To my left was a very comfortable couch and To my right was a door with large imposing letters : “MY PAST LIVES”

I rest on the couch for a moment while I gather my thoughts about what I wanted to get from my journey to time. I let the feeling of oneness with the universe completely surrounded me, and I know that at all times I were completely safe and protected by my higher self.

When I felt ready, I rouse from the couch and moved to stand in front of the door, prepared to open it. Before that, I mentally made the affirmations to assure my past life journey would be a safe and pleasant one.

I opened the door and go inside the “Past Life Room”. I stood in front of the screen with a curtain covering it and pressed the green button on the left wall to open the curtains. I looked at my self on the screen. The vision was not clear at the beginning, it seemed that I saw an Indian man form. I tried to see what I was wearing on my feet, I was feet bare. After some while, the image I saw become border and steadier, then I said “Action”.

I was an Indian man, I had an understanding that I was the chief of the tribe. I had family, a beautiful wife and two children. Our tribe lives in a beautiful valley. When I was willing to see the happiest time I had in this life I saw the born of my first son. And the greatest achievement I had was when we had a glorious winning in a war to another tribe.

When I intent to see an important thing that influence my life at that time, I saw that I have a friendship with a western man named Jack. He was a young handsome and kind hearted cowboy. My fellow chiefs from other tribes were not happy with our friendship because they thought that those western men were our enemy and I should not have any close relationship with any of them. But I thought that Jack was different. He had an high intention to learn kind of spiritual things from me.

At the end of the session, before I wake my self up, I saw that our tribe was attack by others, and Jack passed away in helping us to protect our village. He was killed in a fighting to save two little children from our tribe. Before his last breathe, with me beside him and holding his hands, we made a promise that we shall meet again in future lives to continue our friendship. Surprisingly, I recognized Jack as one of my best friend in this present life.

When the alarm in my head went off, indicated that the journey has been lasting for 30minutes, it was time for me to come back. I reached to my right and press the red button to close the curtains. I leaved the room, closed the door behind me and returned to the comfortable couch to rest for few minutes. After that, I went back to the stairs to return to my normal conscious awareness.

Interesting? find out yours.. Good Luck..

Warm Regards
Fiona Wang
[email protected]
Jakarta Indonesia

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